Nell Nicholson - we work with Nell at times when we have worked with a setting for a long time and want to begin to look at an organisational approach to supervision. Nell brings an external view to the work of TH with the organisation and looks at both the organisation and our work to see what needs to happen next and informs TH and setting of possible next steps. 

In-Trac - In-Trac | In-Trac Staging Penny Sturt is an Associate with us and In-Trac and as such Penny provides supervision training to schools who want to look at a whole setting approach. Any trainees are then in external supervision with Talking Heads to support the educative function with an experienced supervisor.

Other trusted organisations or individuals

About Nourish the Workplace - Kimberley Evans

Nourish the Workplace provides schools with surveys, systems and recommendations to improve staff wellbeing to increase retention rates and productivity. I work with schools all over the world, the programme is entirely online however I pride myself in a personal and bespoke approach to staff wellbeing improvement to ensure everyone's needs are met.
I also provide in person training and speaker sessions on school and personal wellbeing. 


If you are interested in an in-depth post-graduate level training and work in education then we recommend this course.