"Talking Heads enables me to gain clarity and give a differing perspective to situations – and as a leader that is beyond valuable."

Emily Hanbury. Head of Curriculum , School for Inspiring Talents, Devon

Our Vision:

Resourced, compassionate and creative leaders who change lives.

Our Mission: 

To support children/young people/vulnerable adults by offering
external professional supervision to those who shape their lives.

Welcome to Talking Heads Supervision Ltd. Everything we do is about relationships. Supervision, dramatherapy, consultation, training. If you would rather talk to us after a quick look around then please know you are very welcome to give us a call or email.

If you are curious to hear from others about how you can benefit from supervision, then please sit back with a cup of something you feel nurtured by and watch the videos ->>>>

We operate across the UK

“Lisa has given me the structure and space to hear myself in the noisiest of times. The trust that has grown through our sessions together has made the daily challenges I face manageable to work through. It gives me time to pause, wonder and discuss which has supported me both professionally and personally. Supervision is a vital part of my Headship and makes such a remarkable impact on all that I do and am.” ”

Jane Bird. Headteacher, Plymouth.

Launa: I asked a school leader to summarise in 3 words a working day.

"Busy, varied & problem solving."

Launa: So………what is the impact of Talking Heads?

"Thinking Reflective Enabling"

Launa: This is beyond valuable.

Launa Randles, Headteacher of The Children’s Trust School

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