“Supervision Definition - the action, process, or occupation of supervising; especially : a critical watching and directing (as of activities or a course of action)

Supervision to help you
stay on track

Supervision is an emerging profession and The University Of Worcester where I recently completed (2017) a P.g Cert. in Supervision is one of the new Post graduate level courses that is helping to shape the growth of this important profession.
I am a British Association of Dramatherapists registered supervisor. To be on their list as an approved supervisor an application has to be made that reaches their standards and requirements around training, experience, supporting evidence, including experience and testimonials from supervisees, supervisor and training institution tutor.
My orientation and training as a supervisor is a generic training and I am informed by Shoet and Hawkins Process Models, Michael Carroll and van Ooijen as well as the Cyclical Model. However, at the core of all that I do is the possibility that the creative language and processes may be used to enrich the supervision process at any point. This will either be as a clear intervention and/or because that is the way that we are usefully working together. .

I am currently supervising school-based Counsellors, other Dramatherapists both qualified and in training and those who work in the NHS. (Occupational Therapists, Psychological Therapists and Nurse/Clinical Leads)

Providing professional supervision for those working with our most vulnerable children has been invaluable in supporting them to be outstanding practitioners and meet the specific needs of individuals and groups in our school. Having the opportunity for a confidential discussion with another professional about different approaches to cases, as well as the personal emotional impact of many, has enabled staff to more effectively meet the needs of the children. They are also able to manage their own needs and support others. Supervision is vital to support and protect the well-being of staff and those they work with.


What happens when we meet?

I find out whether you would like a tea/coffee! I think this is very important and is the beginning of the welcoming and settling process. Much that is said whilst I make a cup of tea ends up being the returned to theme of the supervision! Really!


If we are meeting via skype I will still make sure you know you are welcome to have a drink and talk you through the process of settling into our respective unshared but shared space.

Face to Face

As one Devon Head Teacher said, it is important to leave the building and come and leave everything in the room. It is then possible to return to work with the shift in energy and perspective that happens in supervision. The drive/walk to me is also important.

Supervision is a long- term relationship – when it is right. I have been in monthly or bi-weekly supervision (caseload dependent) for the last 18years. I have had 2 long term supervisory relationships and the at other times I was trying to find the right person to work with.