Penny Sturt (Talking Heads Lead Associate) is delighted that her co-written book with Jo Rowe, Using Supervision in Schools, will have a second edition published on 30th October 2023. In deciding to update their guide they have recognised how significantly the context for schools has changed since the original book was published in 2018. The new edition also contains a foreword written by Lisa Lea-Weston. Significantly we have drawn on our collective experience of providing supervision to a range of education settings, to demonstrate how valuable supervision is to schools and how this model of supervision works in education. The Integrated Model of Supervision in Schools, IMS(S), is used in training offered by Talking Heads.

Using Supervision in Schools

A guide to building safe cultures and providing emotional support in a range of education settings

Second Edition


As a universal service, education is expected to safeguard and meet the needs of all pupils, some of whom may have complex issues, and also to offer emotional support for children and their families. There are increasing pressures and changes facing schools and teachers, accelerated by the impact of the pandemic; however, unlike other stressful professions, there is no accepted framework for supporting school staff to deal with the personal and emotional rigours of their role. Supervision offers a solution: an effective means to support staff with safeguarding, and with the broader emotional demands of their work.

Based on direct experience, this popular and influential book delivers comprehensive, practical guidance for instigating supervision in school settings.

The Integrated Model of Supervision (IMS) presented is an effective model that can be used in a variety of school settings, from Reception to Year 13. The Second Edition is updated throughout and includes new chapters on emotionally attuned supervision, group supervision and experiences of supervision, along with a significantly expanded set of accompanying tools and resources.

Filled with contemporary examples to reflect the realities of today’s world, this is an invaluable guide for all schools, governing bodies, local authorities, those trained in supervision, national educational advisors and school academy trusts.

“I have felt the benefit of my own supervision to be very valuable and would like to offer my thanks for this. It takes an informed leap of faith, followed by sustained commitment in order for schools to recognise the benefits longer term. Having done this as a school, I am very willing to advocate the benefits to others.”

(Designated Safeguarding Lead, pilot participant)

Supervision in Education

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