Welcome to Talking Heads Supervision, where we help Senior Leaders love their work and hold children/young people at the heart of all they do. 

Our mission is to support educational leaders in continuing being the best they can be for the children and young people they work with. 

We keep relationships at the heart of everything we do – this is central to our supervision for senior leaders.

We safeguard the safeguarders and the systems in which children and young people grow and develop.

We believe well supported Leaders change lives as supervision facilitates them in being resourced, creative, compassionate, flexible and to maintain spaciousness for relationships.


supervision for head teachers

Why Supervision for Head Teachers is Essential

Head teachers and Senior Leaders are the culture setters of any educational institution, responsible for the overall performance, morale, and success of their educational settings.

The demands placed on head teachers and senior leaders are immense. The ethical complexity and decision making combined with the need to maintain confidentiality means that the emotional labour is high. The role also encompasses not only academic leadership but also administrative responsibilities, staff management, and student welfare.

Supervision for head teachers offers a dedicated space to reflect on their practice, discuss challenges, and develop strategies for effective leadership that continues to hold professional purpose – impact on children/young people, at its heart. In social work and mental health, supervision is part of the culture.

It is long overdue in education.

Benefits of Supervision for Head Teachers

  1. Professional Growth and Development

Supervision provides head teachers/senior leaders with the opportunity to engage in continuous professional development. Through regular sessions, they can reflect on their experiences, gain new insights, refine their leadership skills, love their work and place children and young people at the heart of what they do. This ongoing development is crucial for adapting to the ever-changing landscape of education. We see a huge increase in confidence as supervisory relationships continue.

supervision for head teachers

“Talking Heads Supervision enables me to gain clarity and give a differing perspective to situations – and as a leader that is beyond valuable”


Emily Hanbury, Head of Curriculum, School for Inspiring Talents, Devon
supervision for head teachers
  1. Enhanced Decision-Making

The complex nature of a head teacher or senior leader’s role requires sound decision-making skills. Supervision for head teachers and senior leaders helps to process information, consider multiple perspectives, and make informed decisions that benefit their school community. If we are having to make these kinds of decision every day where we are expected to be clear thinking and able to weigh up all perspectives and stakeholder concerns then we need a professional space that not only allows us to download the weight of what is being carried but can help us then make sense of it all. Allow a “super-vision”. We leave feeling clearer and often lighter.

  1. Improved Well-being and Resilience

 The pressures of leading a school can take a toll on a head teacher’s mental and emotional well-being. Supervision provides a safe, confidential space to discuss personal/professional challenges and develop coping strategies. This support is vital for maintaining resilience and preventing burnout. At Talking Heads Supervision, our supervision for Head Teachers and senior leaders means we help safeguard the safeguarders and the systems in which children and young people can thrive.

  1. Effective Leadership and Team Management

Supervision for head teachers and senior leaders helps to develop effective leadership styles and improve their team management skills. By reflecting on their interactions with staff, they can foster a positive school culture and build strong, collaborative teams. It is also a place where you receive a different kind of challenge. You can rely on being held accountable to your moral, ethical and organisational principles. But in a way that is not like the other external perspectives/judgements made on schools. It is a safe place to professionally “not know”. A place that not many senior leaders are allowed to safely inhabit but it is the most growthful place. Yet everyone looks to you for answers.

Our Approach to Supervision

At Talking Heads Supervision, we offer a range of supervision services specifically for head teachers and senior leaders. Our experienced supervisors understand the unique challenges of educational leadership and provide a supportive, non-judgmental space for reflection and growth.

Individual Supervision Sessions

Our one-on-one supervision sessions meet the individual needs of head teachers and senior leaders where they are at each session they attend. Every session is timely to your own development and that of your setting and therefore is uniquely responsive to exactly what is needed. These sessions provide a confidential environment and it is unique relationship that is attended to when you are really ahoy at work and flourishing – it is only then that any relationship can catch us when life/work throws a curveball which challenges us. Ultimately if we have made an “error” then we need a safe place to be able to unravel that and somewhere where we will not be shamed but held to account in a way that helps work out -what next. 

supervision for head teachers

Online Supervision

Our online supervision sessions offer the flexibility to receive support from the comfort of their own office or home. These virtual sessions are just as effective as face-to-face meetings, providing convenience without compromising on quality. We will talk you through how to prepare, arrive for them so they maximise your experience. We aim to be able to meet our supervisees at some point in our work together, in person, no matter where we are in the country/world.

Why Choose Talking Heads Supervision?

  1. Expertise in Educational Leadership

Our supervisors are experienced professionals with a deep understanding of the education sector and children/young people. They bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to each session, ensuring head teachers receive relevant and impactful support. Many of our team have also been working on/still are working on the DFE funded work with Education Support since 2022 and have worked with thousands of senior leaders. We keep relationships at the heart of everything we do – this is the core of Talking Heads and core to supervision work.

  1. Customised Support

We recognise that every head teacher is unique, and our supervision services are tailored to meet individual needs. Whether you’re dealing with a specific issue or seeking general professional development, we provide personalised guidance and support.

  1. Confidential and Supportive Environment

 At Talking Heads Supervision, we prioritise confidentiality and create a safe space for open and honest discussions. Our supportive approach helps head teachers to feel comfortable sharing their experiences and challenges. As an organisation we hold as key that it is relationships that safeguard children/young people. If our supervisees don’t feel safe in their relationship they won’t come when it really matters. We want to safeguard children and help you do that too. The right fit of supervisor is key. Whilst we always match you to someone in the initial call, we are clear int hat call that the “Right Fit” is key and you can come back to us and meet someone else once we have learnt more about what was not quite right. Someone on our team will be and you are not stuck with someone you don’t connect with. Choice is key and as a team we are proud of offering this.

  1. Commitment to Well-being

 We are dedicated to promoting the well-being of head teachers. Our supervision for head teachers and senior leaders is designed to support your mental and emotional health, helping you to lead with confidence and resilience. We know how to support through extreme circumstances to that can arise and you have to deal with. Many of our supervisors have a therapeutic original training which can be utilised in sessions. It also means we are clear of what other support we may need to sign post you to as well as checking in or being able to provide ad hoc, responsive sessions if required.