Pam has been a registered dramatherapist since 1991 working as a therapist in a range of settings including, schools in London, children’s homes, a pupil referral unit, post adoption services and currently her private practice. Pam has always greatly valued her own supervision, as a confidential space to reflect and explore the dynamics and challenges at play in her work and to not feel alone with it all.

Pam trained with Robin Shohet and Joan Wilmot and qualified as a supervisor in 2013. The supervision training encouraged an atmosphere where transparency became very safe, this felt liberating and playful, there was nothing that could not be expressed. This was significant in terms of feeling unburdened, which in term released energy for problem-solving and working through issues.

In sessions alongside discussion Pam can draw on creative arts tools. Many years of working with individuals and groups have taught Pam that new possibilities and insights can arise when we tap into other parts of ourselves through the imagination. These are optional offerings, no experience necessary.

Pam is passionate about the need for supervision to be a comfortable, non-judgemental place. An important aspect of supervision is feeling supported to be resourced and able to enjoy your work, with regular consideration of your well-being and tools to support this. With the current difficulties faced nationally and globally, supervision as professional self-care and ‘time out’ to step back and take stock, appears even more essential.