My work in supervision, or reflective professional practice as I often call it, evolved out of many years’ experience of management development, particularly in the social care sector, as well as education.  My background and qualifications include nursing, training, and management consultancy.  A growing awareness of the need for management support led me to formally develop my knowledge and skills, and in 2017 I completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Supervision.

My philosophy is that reflective professional practice is key to effective management.  It can provide a private space in which to unravel the knots of your professional life, and shine a light into its darker corners, as well as offering an opportunity to develop and learn, decompress, and recharge batteries.  If work is keeping you awake at night, causing you to feel stressed or overwhelmed, you may find that reflective practice helps you to retain resilience in your role.

I work from my private rooms in Chudleigh, providing a quiet environment with no interruptions or distractions.