Supervision has long been a valued and supportive space in my career as a Dramatherapist and IFS Therapist. Working in mainstream primary, secondary and special needs education, one of my key reasons for training as a supervisor was to be able to offer this service to teaching staff so that they too could experience a safe space to pause, put down, process and explore what they were experiencing in the workplace and in their interactions with other staff and children.

I continue to love how creative reflection and the supervisory relationship can enable space for clarity, connection, compassion and perspective, which then has an impact on well-being and best practice. As a supervisor, I currently work online, individually, with Head Teachers, Educational staff and qualified Therapists, as well as running a group for NHS staff on an ED unit.

Previous supervision experience further includes providing clinical supervision and placement management to MA students on their Dramatherapy training and running group sessions for teaching staff and SENCos. I continue to practice as a Therapist in education, alongside my supervision work.